Solo Performance

Beauty to die for

Ditte Schupp started developing and staging her own solo projects in 1990 at different locations. Examples are her song evening „Oh I‘m so in love“ staged in the mirror tent during the munich summer festival and „How to be a filmstar“ performed in the framework of the munich film festival. She performed her martial pregnancy solo-show “Of blessed body“ in 1999 on the cabaret stage of the “Heppel & Ettlich” theater while she was highly pregnant until two weeks before her delivery date.

Early and jarring experiences with death as well as an increasing interest in buddhism influenced her work and culminated in the wish to bring to life a cross-border project of acting and visual arts on the topic of death.

The project “Beauty to die for” premiered in April 2007 in the „whiteBox“ in Munich. In october of the same year, the piece was also performed in berlin’s “Kunsthaus Tacheles”.


beauty to die for <2007>

Ditte Schupp

Theater installation & exhibition, Premiere April, whiteBOX / Munich & October, Kunsthaus Tacheles / Berlin
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of blessed body <1999>

Ditte Schupp

Solo theater piece, Heppel & Ettlich

how to be a filmstar 2 <1998>

Solo show with songs, Filmfestival Munich

oh I’m so in love <1998>

Chanson song recital „Oh I’m so in love“ in the mirror tent of the Munich summer festival, solo show Fast Food theater

how to be a filmstar 1 <1993>

Solo show, Heppel & Ettlich